September 2018

CPS NEWS September, 2018
Be an ATTENDANCE HERO! Here, Every Day, Ready On time!
Welcome back! Our first two weeks of school have been awesome! Thank you for taking the time to attend our “Stop and Drop” open house for 1 st , 2nd and 3rd grade and the beginning of the year conferences for Kindergarten, as well as classroom meetings for 2nd and 3rd grades. 1st grade meetings are coming up on September 13. We appreciate your support in getting the routines of school re-established after summer break.
Welcome to Mick Hicks as our Lead Custodian, Nikki Totsch in 3rd grade special education, and Peggy Whitlock as our cashier.
We will continue with the Engage NY Math, or Eureka Math, this year. We also use the computer program Zearn, which follows the Eureka Math lessons.
We continue to offer more opportunities for mobile learning at CPS with the goal of enhancing instruction through student engagement. Programs we are using this year include Moby Max, Mystery Science, Reading A-Z, Zearn and Brain Pop, Jr. Various other programs and apps are used in the Title program and by classroom teachers. We administer computer-based assessments, including AIMS Web, ESGI, and RAZ Kids.
During these first few weeks of school, all students are given benchmark assessments in the areas of reading and math using the AIMS Web probes. The results provide us information for grouping students for reading and math instruction, interventions and measure any summer learning loss as we compare to 2017-2018 end of the year scores. If your child is identified as needing pull-out time for reading or math support, you will receive a letter from Mrs. Nappier, Reading Specialist.
In the content areas, teachers are moving toward more projects and inquiry-based learning, working in groups, using technology resources, creativity, construction and critical thinking. This is known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). We schedule presentations from agencies such as the Ag Extension Office or 4H, take students on field trips and utilize parent and community volunteer experts to work with our students. Part of working in groups includes more flexible seating options. You may see stools, tables, benches and other special seats in addition to desks/chairs in our classrooms.
Watch for detailed newsletters each week from your child’s teacher about academic expectations, curriculum, homework, and general classroom information and schedules. Many teachers are using Google Classroom and/or creating web pages. They are also using the Remind or Bloomz app and social media to communicate with you electronically.
Special Programs:
PTO Activities​: Meetings are held at the Primary School on the first Monday of the month at 6:15 p.m. The next meeting is Monday, September 10. The PTO is a tremendous support to our schools. Please get involved!
Field Trips:​ Students travel nearby to locations such as Beaver Dam, or to plays, museums and special events in the Springfield or St. Louis areas. We will ask parents to pay for any tickets or admission.
Communication from School to Home Skyward:​
At, you can view information about each school and various components of the District. From the website, you can choose “parents” and drop down to Skyward Family Access, where you can log in to see grades, attendance, lunch balance and history and various other information. You can update personal demographic information and make other changes once you are logged in with your username and password (what was used for online registration). Please contact the office if you have forgotten your user name and password! 217-854-9849
Skylert:​ Skylert is used to contact you by phone and email regarding general information, school closings and other messages that are relevant to school events. Newsletters such as this one will be e-mailed to you in the future, if you have provided an e-mail address.
RevTrak: RevTrak is accessible through Skyward Family Access. This is the place to pay fees, add lunch money and see any balances and credits you have for all fees in the District associated with your child. There is no service charge for making on online payment with RevTrak.
A few reminders and general information:
School Security: ​The Demuzio Center door and side entrance doors are locked at all times. The back door from the cafeteria is locked from 8:05-2:50 daily. The interior front doors will be locked from 8:05-2:50 daily. Visitors will need to be buzzed in by entering into the foyer, pushing a button and identifying themselves to the secretary. She will then buzz you through. Signs are posted to help. When visiting the Primary School, please enter from the front door and sign in at the office. Now that we are through the first weeks of school, please do not walk your child to the classroom. We ask that if you come into the building, say goodbye in the cafeteria. If you need to speak with a teacher, please sign in at the office.
Drop off and pick up:​ When you drop your child off for school in the morning or pick him/her up in the afternoon, please go to the back of the building and pull up to the yellow pole. Pull to the outside of the parking lot to exit; do not drive between rows of parked cars. The pick-up/drop-off line is ONE WAY.
If you wish to walk your child into the building or meet your child inside after school, park in the parking lot and come in or to the sidewalk. We do not send children across the traffic line into the parking lot to meet you. Your child will wait for you by the teacher on duty at the yellow pole. Please comply with the signs we have posted. Please do not create spaces that are not marked. Please do not create spaces that are not marked. Please do not pull around cars in front of you or pull around to face the oncoming line or park in the pick-up line; the line is intended to keep moving.​ ​Please follow our safety procedures​.
Circle Drive​: There is no parking in the circle drive at any time between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Please park in one of the lots and walk into the building. If you are dropping a child off, do so in the back, or park and walk him/her into the building.
Meal accounts:​ Please keep your child’s lunch account current in RevTrak, or you can send money in an envelope marked clearly with your child’s name, grade and teacher. If you ever have questions about the account, feel free to call Kim Maguire at 854-8856. Repeated charges for lunch are not allowed. Soda is not allowed in the cafeteria, and we strongly discourage you from bringing in restaurant lunches.
Changes in plans:​ When your child has a bus change after school, please send a written note that states the number of the bus your child should ride, the address/location of the house or stop where your child is going and whose house it is if it is a residence. Please send a note even if you tell the driver. Our office informs the bus garage to make certain the drivers have the message. We cannot take a child’s word for a change. We must have a note or call from a parent/guardian. Thanks for your help!
Coat Bags:​ To prevent the spread of head lice, we ask that you send a coat bag (white garbage bag) for book bags and coats. This makes a big difference in prevention as items are hung together on coat racks and in cubbies. We will begin using coat bags earlier this year, as soon as the hot weather breaks!
Water Bottles​: ​Primary School water bottles are available in the office for $1. Hydration is important for our brains to function at full capacity!
Attendance: We are working hard to encourage good attendance this year at the ​ Primary. Our first surprise incentive is coming soon! Remember to be HERE at school, EVERY DAY, READY and ON TIME s you don’t miss out!