About CPS

Carlinville Primary School houses kindergarten through third grade. There are five sections of kindergarten, first grade, second grade and four sections of third grade. Enrollment this year is 415 students. Curriculum focuses heavily on reading, writing and math in alignment to New Illinois Learning Standards. Science and Social Studies are also taught at the Primary School. Social-Emotional learning has been incorporated into all aspects of the school routine during the past eight years. There are high expectations for student achievement and appropriate behavior. Instruction is differentiated, engaging and student centered. A high level of technology integration is present in every classroom at every grade level. Programs at the Primary School are designed to meet the needs of every student. Staff is dedicated, professional and highly qualified.

The student population of Carlinville Primary School is predominantly white. Fifty percent of the students are from low-income families. Student demographics have changed dramatically, as low income between 2000 and 2016 rose from 19% to 50%. We are continually challenged to maintain high academic achievement as our student and family characteristics require more specialized programs, outreach services and instructional interventions for children with developmental delays and multiple risk factors impeding their academic and social/emotional progress.

Carlinville Primary School has maintained high academic achievement over time, regardless of the changes in student demographics and characteristics such as low income, mobility and special needs. The entire staff, both certified and non-certified, is committed to meeting the needs of all students, to insure they reach their full potential as students and citizens. We promote an environment of high standards while allowing flexibility and accommodations for individual circumstances. Professional development is prioritized, particularly in the areas of reading, math and social-emotional learning. Most opportunities are provided within the district for the purpose of consistency, focus and teacher accountability. Student supports including counseling services, evidence-based academic interventions, volunteer programs, a partnership with the local liberal arts college, an after-school program and implementation of a social-emotional curriculum and philosophy that all promote a family atmosphere in our high-quality, safe learning environment. For many of our students, school is the best and most supportive part of their lives. We know that no significant learning takes place without a significant relationship, and our staff is committed to teaching the whole child, connecting with families and using innovative approaches to instruction.