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Post Prom 2019 Cavie Store

Post Prom 2019 is excited to announce the CAVIE Store is now OPEN!
If you're looking for CAVIE specific items for a current CAVIE, ALUMNI CAVIE, or Up & Coming CAVIE we have the items for you.
· Christmas is just 9 weeks away.
· The store closes on Nov 8th.

Perfect Attendance

These CPS students had perfect attendance for the whole school year. Way to go! Blakely Swan, Joel White, Nolan Meyer, Makenna Harding, Nelson White and Keegan Vinson

2018 Grahammys

Mrs. Graham's 2nd grade class celebrated their success by having an awards ceremony called the Grahammy Awards. Special thanks to Eric Cooper who not only filmed the ceremony but did his editing magic on it to make it a show stopper. Please click headline to view video.
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