CHS E-Learn - 9/8/2021- School Reach Call - Announcement

This evening, Carlinville High School was made aware of 4 positives that created 2 or more positives in 6 high school classes impacting over 100 students.  We are working on determining who has been vaccinated, who was absent during time of possible exposure, who is in their 90 day window, and who is impacted by the positives.  In addition,  we are also working on implementing a test to stay option for those impacted. Because of the timing and the number of students possibly involved,  Carlinville High School will be elearning/remote on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.   All other grade levels will be in-person!  Please check your email, social media and the District website for additional information on test to stay.  We plan to post that information in the next two hours. Coaches will send out information regarding practices and competitions scheduled for Wednesday.   At this time, Carlinville High School will be back in-person on Thursday, September 9, 2021.